Quotes I just wanted to say that if is wasn't for the prayers and faith I had I wouldn't be here right now today. I am having trials and tribulations and haven't gotten the answers yet, but I do believe once I fall in line I will hear my answers clearly as ever... Quotes

Quotes This site is awesome it's encouraging and uplifting. It is annointed and I like the fact that House of Prayer keeps it real. Quotes
Satisfied Believer

Quotes I just wanted to say that I love this site. The pictures are awesome and House of Prayer is a true Bible teaching, Holy Ghost field anointed church. I LOVE IT! Quotes
Satisfied Believer

Quotes im a long haul driver sick of being ataecktd through pornographic images every where, it is wearing me down physically and spiritually, it is affecting my prayer life and thus my abilityas a spiritual leader and protecter of my family. this one is not the ordinary daily temptations but all out brazzen attacks that are also manifesting themselfs in physically impossible acts such as beams leaning on the truck lifting up and hitting me . im calling for any prayer warriors on this one Quotes

Quotes I worshipped with my cousin Alicia and family at House of Prayer back in Dec 10 and from the moment I walked in I felt welcomed (this was before they even knew Alicia was my cousin). When I laid eyes on my cousin I was filled with joy. At the end of the service I felt full, the word was good. I have family all over the world and now I 've added House of Prayer family to my list. I love y'all. If you find yourself on the east coast look me up. Quotes
Santasha Goston

Quotes "Ever since I have joined house of prayer my life has changed for the better. GOD has done so much for me in such a little mount of time. I love House Of Prayer they are filled and moved by the Holy Ghost. I love how they keep it real and are a family" Quotes

Quotes I'm really enjoying the site! House of Prayer has awesome leaders that are highly anointed and delivering truth. House of Prayer is a Bible Study teaching, praying, deliverance Ministry. Deliverance does go forth! Quotes
Darnell Johnson
Delivered Believer/Satisfied

Quotes Since I've join HOPDCI I have learned so much within the yrs I've been here. I'm growing spiritually and naturally. True Bible Teaching. I love it! Been blessed! Quotes

Quotes I just want to thank GOD for placing me at House of Prayer when he did. Since I started fellowshipping at HOPDC, I have seen first hand how dynamic and powerful Apostle's and Pastor G's teaching are truly anointed. Thank GOD for the man and woman of GOD!!!!! Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to say that I love our New church building! It is great! First Sunday the Holy Spirit came in, GOD shiwed up and showed out! I believe my Apostle when she says it is bigger than our eyes could see! Quotes
Our New Church Building!